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House prices in Canada’s eleven major cities rose by just 1.95% during 2019 and actually fell by 0.32% when adjusted for inflation, based on figures from Teranet 

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 However prices are expected to take off soon. Construction has fallen, inventory is low, yet demand is rapidly rising, partly in response to strong immigration.

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Real estate can refer to land itself (real property), including what grows or is built on the land; ownership of real property; and the real estate business, i.e., brokers, agents, builders, developers, property managers, mortgage lenders, investors, consultants and appraisers who work in the real estate industry.

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The Property development industry is a many-sided business that covers all ascpects of activities...

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There are loads of people out there who are too lazy to mount the serious involved when it comes to investing for their future...

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In the United States, an architectural firm or architecture firm is a company which employees one or more licensed architects..