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A Closer Look at Seefu Toronto

Seefu Toronto: Seefu Hair is a well-known hair salon in Toronto that has several sites. They offer various high-end hair services, such as precise haircuts, vibrant colour treatments, and relaxing hair spa treatments. 

It opened in the spring of 1998 and is known for its dedication to excellence, skilled skills, and unwavering loyalty to its clients. They have locations in Spadina, Yorkville, and North York and are known for having skilled stylists who work hard to make the salon a creative and caring place. People in Toronto often choose Seefu Hair for the best hair services.

Seefu Hair has several sites in Toronto, such as

  • Bloor-Yorkville: 120 Cumberland Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
  • Spadina: 222 Spadina Avenue, Unit 106, Toronto, ON M5T 3B3
  • North York: 4920A Yonge St, North York

Looking to change things in the Toronto hair shop business, SEEFU HAIR is on a mission. They goal is to raise the bar by making a great place for clients and stylists to work, eventually changing the salon experience.

When you go to a salon, each visit should be different and enjoyable. For clients, this means creating a calm and friendly space where they can relax and enjoy personalized hair care services. Their dedication to their clients goes beyond just doing their hair; they also care about their health and happiness.

They give stylists a supportive and new platform, promoting creativity, growth, and professional development. A strong team of skilled dressers is key to success, so they give them the tools they need to do their jobs well and give our clients the best service possible.

Basically, SEEFU HAIR’s goal is to change how people experience salons in Toronto so that they aren’t just places to get haircuts or new styles but also places where clients and stylists can grow and thrive in a lively and energizing setting.

Appointment Policy: 

We suggest making an appointment beforehand to get the best service, but you can still walk in. To make an appointment, you can call or go online. A $25 deposit is needed for a haircut, but a $100 deposit is needed for colour, perms, or other chemical treatments. 

People who want colour or balayage services should first meet with a stylist. If you need to cancel or change your meeting, please inform at least 24 hours ahead of time so you won’t be charged with a fee. You can call or email to cancel your appointment.

The deposit will be the cancellation fee if you need to cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice.

If you were late for your appointment:

If you are more than 15 minutes late, the meeting is cancelled, and the deposit is lost. Thank you for taking the time to think about the schedules of both our stylists and clients. We know that unexpected things can happen.

Policy on refunds:

They don’t give money back for services. No matter your chosen service, they guarantee it with the SEEFU Guarantee. Please let them know within seven days if you are unhappy with their service, and they will do their best to make things right. 

If you need to make a correction appointment, you should do so within 21 days of your original appointment. If you wait longer than this, you may have to pay extra.


    Seefu stylists are experts at cutting and styling hair. The experts at SEEFU HAIR aim to change the hair salon business in Toronto by creating the best space for clients and stylists. This will make the salon experience better for everyone.

    SEEFU hairstylists are experts in various methods and services, such as Japanese-style straightening perms, balayage colouring, and dry cutting. When you leave, you’ll have a new cut, colour, or style made just for you, thanks to stylists. Call SEEFU Hair right now to get a skilled haircut in Toronto.

    Hair styling 

    The professional stylists use advanced techniques to give your hair the full, sleek look of a salon. The finish will last for days.

    Hair Cutting 

    What you wear every day is your hairstyle, not your clothes. This makes it the most important part of your style. The professionals at Seefu are experts at giving you the look that fits best with your style. 

    Hair Dyeing 

    They only use the best tools at our Toronto hair salon for all colour services, like balayage, to ensure you get the best results.

    Care For Your Hair

    The 30-minute organic repair treatment will make your hair look and feel better.

    Show off your style.

    We change what we wear all the time, but we wear our hair the same way every day. It’s interesting how many people don’t think about how their hair looks. A good hairstyle is the foundation of your unique style, a statement about who you are, and an artistic statement in and of itself. Style your hair in a way that shows off your unique personality.

    Most of the time, professionals cut hair while it’s still wet. But at SEEFU HAIR, our skilled stylists know how to cut dry. So that they can give you the best cut and style, they use this method to learn how each client’s hair naturally grows and moves.

    The method of dying hair called Balayage has become more popular in recent years. It’s a great choice for people who want to make a bright, new change. The word “balayage” comes from the French language and means “to sweep” or “to paint.” This is exactly how hairstylists apply the colour.

    There are hairdressers from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and many other places worldwide.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Seefu Toronto

    1. How can I make an appointment at Seefu Hair?

    You can make an appointment by calling the respective salon location or going online. A $25 deposit is required for haircuts, and a $100 deposit is needed for color, perms, or other chemical treatments.

    2. What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

    To avoid fees, please inform us at least 24 hours ahead of time by calling or emailing. The deposit will serve as the cancellation fee for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

    3. What happens if I am late for my appointment?

    If you are more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be canceled, and the deposit will be forfeited. We appreciate your understanding and consideration for our stylists and other clients.

    4. Is there a refund policy for services?

    Seefu Hair does not provide refunds for services. However, they offer the SEEFU Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service, notify us within seven days, and we will make every effort to address and rectify the issue. Correction appointments should be scheduled within 21 days of the original appointment.

    5. How can I get in touch with Seefu Hair for inquiries?

    For the Spadina location, call (416) 261-9994 or email For the North York location, call (647) 350-4920 or email

    6. What services do Seefu Hair stylists specialize in?

    Seefu Hair stylists are experts in various services, including Japanese-style straightening perms, balayage coloring, dry cutting, hair styling, and hair dyeing. They aim to provide a unique and personalized experience for each client.

    7. Do Seefu Hair stylists cut hair while wet or dry?

    Seefu Hair stylists specialize in cutting hair dry, allowing them to understand how each client’s hair naturally grows and moves, providing the best cut and style tailored to individual preferences.

    8. What is Balayage, and why is it popular?

    Balayage is a hair coloring technique that originated from the French term “to sweep” or “to paint.” It has gained popularity for its natural and sweeping application of color. Seefu Hair offers balayage services for clients seeking a bright and new change.

    9. Are there stylists from specific regions at Seefu Hair?

    Seefu Hair boasts a diverse team of stylists from various regions, including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and more, providing a multicultural and experienced approach to hairstyling.

    10. How does Seefu Hair contribute to a unique salon experience in Toronto?

    Seefu Hair aims to change the salon experience by creating a lively and energizing setting for both clients and stylists. Their dedication to excellence, creativity, and growth sets them apart in the Toronto hair salon business.

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